How to add interceptors from Policy Hub

In this guide we will see how we can engage a shared interceptor using policy hub, in three simple steps. First check our quick start guide to understand the basic commands of Microgateway.

Initialize and setup a Microgateway Project.

Run below command to initialize a new microgateway project with an openapi definition.

Init Project

micro-gw init petstore -a

Include the extensions in the OpenAPI definitions using the policy sharing syntax

Now we have a project initilized for petstore API. Next step is to add required extensions to engage the interceptors from Policy hub. For this we can use x-wso2-request-interceptor and x-wso2-response-interceptor extensions. To see complete usage details of these extensions, check adding interceptors .

  1. Open the petstore_basic.yaml inside petstore/api_definitions directory.
  2. Before x-wso2-basePath: /petstore/v1 extension, add x-wso2-request-interceptor: prasadhi/Interceptors/0.1.0:validateRequest


    Interceptor reference should be provided in following format.<ballerina_org>/<ballerina_module>/<ballerina_module_version>:<interceptor_function> . If version is not provided, latest version of the specified module will be engaged.

Build and run Microgateway Project

Lets build and run the project to see if new interceptors are working.

  1. Build the petstore project.

    micro-gw build petstore
  2. Start the gateway.

    gateway <project_path>/target/petstore.jar
  3. Send a request to petstore API. This request should fail since we don't mention the required header X-API-Key which is validated inside the prasadhi/Interceptors:validateRequest interceptor.

    curl -k -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -X GET https://localhost:9095/petstore/v1/pet/1
  4. Now send the correct request to see if it gives the correct response

    curl -k -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -H "X-API-Key: apikey-value" -X GET https://localhost:9095/petstore/v1/pet/1

Thats how you could configure Microgateway to use shared interceptors through Policy Hub. To see more detailed information on this feature checkout the feature documentation at the policy hub .