OpenAPI Extensions

WSO2 API Microgateway supports the following OpenAPI Extensions. You can use these extensions to override information with regard to API specifications.

Extension Description Required/ Optional
x-wso2-basePath Base path that the gateway exposes the API. Optional → API level only
x-wso2-production-endpoints Specifies the actual backend of the service. Optional → API level Optional → Resource level
x-wso2-sandbox-endpoints Specifies the sandbox endpoint of the service if available. Optional → API/Resource level
x-wso2-request-interceptor Specifies the interceptor used to perform transformations and mediations on the request. Optional → API level only
x-wso2-response-interceptor Specifies the interceptor used to perform transformations and mediations on the response. Optional → API level only
x-wso2-throttling-tier Specifies the rate limiting for the API or resource. Optional → API/Resource level
x-wso2-cors Specifies the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) configuration for the API. Optional → API level only
x-wso2-endpoints Defines the endpoint configuration globally which thereafter can be referred to using one of the following extensions. x-wso2-production-endpoints x-wso2-sandbox-endpoints
x-wso2-disable-security Enables the resource to be invoked without authentication. Optional → Resource level only
x-wso2-application-security Set Application security (api_key, basic_auth, oauth2), to set optional for application level security Optional → API/Resource level
x-wso2-transports Set transport types (http, https) Optional → API level only
x-wso2-mutual-ssl Enable mutual ssl Optional → API level only


Let's see how these OpenAPI extensions are used in Open API definition .